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Hey, CIEE explorers!

Welcome to Berlin!

Want to explore the city even better? Try the sustainable & relaxed sightseeing tours by Urban Monkeys!

All tours are free to use for CIEE students!

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Enjoy Berlin with a relaxed sightseeing tour

Audio Guides...

... explain you everything you need to know the city

Public buses...

... are the base for our hop-on hop-off tours. In Berlin you can take tours with the bus lines 100 and 200.

0 €...

... is the price per tour.



What is Urban


With our app, we make sightseeing sustainable and relaxed. All hop-on hop-off tours have audio guides & are based on public buses.

Why should I use Urban Monkeys?

You are new in the city and want to learn more about Berlin’s history and culture?
You don’t feel like doing everything on foot?
You want to be on the road like the locals?
Then Urban Monkeys is just the right thing for you!

Why is the app free

to use?

We are still a very young startup and are looking for feedback from users like you. We would be happy if you try our app, share your feedback with us or tell your friends about us.

How does Urban Monkeys relate to CIEE?

Urban Monkeys & CIEE have been collaborating on different projects, e.g. sharing our entrepreneurship learnings with CIEE students or offering internships. In return, we're thankful that we're allowed to promote our app through CIEE.


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