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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer the most commong questions here. If you're missing anything, don't hesitate to reach out to us (!

What is Urban Monkeys?

Urban Monkeys is a smartphone app for city travel and sightseeing. With our first feature, you can enjoy hop-on hop-off sightseeing tours, based on public buses and trams.

We're still a very young startup, and we're working on more features and cities for you. Feel free to leave us a message for feedback, ideas and more!

Why should I use Urban Monkeys?

Our hop-on hop-off tours make sightseeing relaxed, flexible and eco-friendly.

Enjoy a convenient ride on the public buses and trams, instead of walking everywhere. You still remain flexible to get off wherever you want, may it be for a selfie and Brandenburg Gate or for a cute café you spotted along the way. Afterwards, just get back on the next bus and continue exploring the city!

In parallel, you're supporting the local public transport, which is good for the local community and our climate.

Where can I use Urban Monkeys?

Urban Monkeys is still a very small, young startup. Currently you can try out tours in Berlin, Munich Lisbon and Amsterdam. But we're already working hard to develop more tours in more cities for you.

Which languages can I use?

Right now, you can use our app in German and English. This includes the audio guides for the hop-on hop-off tours as well.

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