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Berlin - Fête de la Musique (June 21, 2022)

After a 2-year break due to the pandemic, it will finally take place again in 2022: the Fête de la Musique! To coincide with the start of summer on June 21, Berlin will be transformed into a large, colorful outdoor festival. And the best thing about it is that it's free to attend. Everyone can join in, make music, dance or simply listen.

On this day, professional artists as well as amateur musicians are allowed to perform all over the city and contribute to the festival. In Berlin, all 12 districts participate, and artists are expected to perform in more than 100 corners of the city.

History of Fête de la Musique

Did you know that the Fête de la Musique was founded in France in 1982? So this year it celebrates its 40th birthday! France's Minister of Culture at the time, Jack Lang, conceived the idea of a new music festival where everyone would be allowed to participate - whether to listen or to make music themselves. Thus, on June 21, 1982, the Fête de la Musique was born for the first time in Paris. Since then, more and more cities in France as well as around the world have joined in.

Today, more than 1,000 cities in about 120 countries around the world participate. In some places, however, the name "Make Music Day" is more familiar. Munich was the first German municipality to start participating in Fête de la Musique in 1985. Berlin has been participating since 1995.

What's special this year?

This year, the TV station ARTE, which will be 30 years old this 2022, invites to the big karaoke singing at the Brandenburg Gate. Also, the districts of Kreuzberg, Mitte, Charlottenburg and Friedrichshain are typically worth a visit for the Fête de la Musique.

So best grab a way drink of your choice and stop by here, for example:

  • Brandenburg Gate

  • Park Gleisdreieck

  • Kottbusser Tor

  • Schlesisches Tor

  • Schönhauser Allee / Senefelder Platz

  • Tempelhofer Feld

  • ... and many more!

All details can be found here on the official website of the Fête de la Musique:

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