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Berlin - Festival of Lights (October 7-16, 2022)

Autumn has Berlin now firmly in its grip! And that means of course: Time for the 'Festival of Lights'! On 07 October starts this year's light installation at many sights. Up to and including October 16, you can discover many illuminated places from 19-23 clock free of charge.

What is the Festival of Lights?

The festival has been held annually in Berlin since 2005. Light artists develop unique works of art, which are then used to illuminate individual buildings or sculptures. The Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Bebelplatz, Museum Island, the TV Tower and the Nikolai Quarter are just some of the places that will be illuminated.

The motto for 2022 is "Vision of our Future. For this, the organizers were also able to win over three video studios from Ukraine, who developed the installation for the Brandenburg Gate.

How does the Festival of Lights fit into the current energy crisis?

Good question! Horrendous gas and electricity prices worry many of us. However, the festival organizers have reduced electricity consumption by 75% this year compared to previous years, including:

bringing the end of the festival forward to 11 p.m. (instead of midnight)

using energy-efficient LED lamps

Reducing the number of sights from about 60 to 35.

In addition, they state that the electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, which is ensured with the 'Green Electricity Label' certification. According to their own information, the festival consumes a total of 8,250 kilowatt hours of electricity during the 10 days.

As always, the festival is free of charge for visitors. It is completely financed by partners and sponsors, and is every year exciting for Berliners and tourists, especially in the dark season. So grab a companion and a drink for the road and enjoy an inspiring walk through the city along this year's highlights.

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