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Berlin - International Christmas Markets 2022

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping: time to slowly get into the Christmas spirit! And with the first Advent not far away, Berlin's Christmas markets are also getting ready for 2022. Do you already know the international Christmas markets that are waiting for you in the capital?

Finnish Advent Bazaar (November 19/20)

Small but nice: The Finland Center in Berlin invites Finland fans and those who want to become one to a small, cozy Finnish Advent bazaar in Kreuzberg on the weekend before the 01st of Advent. Admission is free, and you can visit the bazaar Saturday and Sunday from 12-18 o'clock.

Swedish Christmas Bazaar (November 25 - 27)

On the weekend of the first Advent, the Swedish Victoria Community invites you to the Christmas Bazaar in Wilmersdorf. In addition to the exhibitors, St. Lucia with her wreath of lights usually makes an appearance from time to time... For 2€ admission, you can be there on Friday from 4pm and Saturday and Sunday both from 12pm.

Danish Christmas Market (November 26)

If you're into hygge, hygge, hygge, maybe the Danish Christmas Market on November 26 is worth a visit. The Danish Christianskirken community in Wilmersdorf invites you to the one-day market, where you can also get traditional treats like Danish Christmas beer or small doughnuts.

Japanese Christmas Market (November 27)

Japan & Christmas? Yes, you can try that too, on 01 Advent in Kreuzberg. There is a design market, various workshops for creative people and of course culinary offers. However, the entrance fee for all visitors* aged 16 and older is 8€ in advance and 12€ at the cash desk on site.

British Christmas Market (03 December)

If the Brexit and the death of the Queen have taken their toll on you, the "Very British Christmas Fair" of St. George Parish might bring you back to cheerful thoughts. On 03 December you can drop by there in the West End from 2-6pm. The entrance is free.

Norwegian Jule Bazaar (03 / 04 December)

If you haven't had enough of Scandinavia by now, you can still travel to Norway on the weekend of the second Advent without having to leave Berlin. In Kreuzberg, the Sjømannskirken community invites you to a Christmas market according to Norwegian tradition. On both days you can be there from 12-18 clock without admission.

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